Times Square: The Dark Knight

The last time I was in New York one of the days was rain filled, but after dinner the sky cleared so I decided to venture out for an after dinner photo walk around Times Square with my 50mm.  I thought it would be a good evening to capture some street scenes and details in the popular tourist attraction.  The Times Square area can be seen for blocks around.  The neon lights brighten up the night sky with lights from the stores, billboards and large entertainment screens.  There is all types of stores, restaurants and entertainment nearby in both clubs and street entertainers.  I’m going to first just share with you some of the images of Times Square and I’ll finish up this post with one of the people I met down at Times Square at the end.

Times Square 42nd St Subway Station ©2012 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.

Tables in Times Square

Times Square Pretzel Cart

Food in Times Square

Times Square

Luck Billboard

Sony Billboard

Mary Poppins Reflection in Times Square



Street life in Times Square

Tourists in Times Square

Tourists in Times Square

Couple walking in Times Square

Businessman in Times Square

Meet The Dark Knight or otherwise known as Jon during the day.  He’s one of the street entertainers that you can find down at Times Square. He’s just trying to make a living, but he’s doing so with a smile on his face and most often will put a smile on the face of a tourist who wants their picture taken with him at Times Square.

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Posing with a Tourist in Times Square

The Dark Knight Posing with a Tourist in Times Square

Jon has dreams and goals and during most days he’s in a gym hitting the punching bag. He has a dream to be a prize-fighter and in fact this month will be in Atlantic City for a prize bout. He’s definitely fit and has a tremendous arm span. If you are ever in Times Square and you see Jon, be sure to stop by and say “Hi”.  For a couple of bucks he’ll give you a great pose so you can have a souvenir photo with “The Dark Knight” as a memory of your trip down to Times Square.  Be sure to wish him luck in his boxing career!  Best of Luck to you, Jon!

Have a great weekend, everyone!

The Dark Knight of Times Square

12 thoughts on “Times Square: The Dark Knight

  1. Wow, what a splendid series of shots. Not only are the colors top notch with the wet roads, but the dude running around at Batman cracked me up. Great work Rick.

  2. Wow! What a terrific set Rick! Love the dof on many of these and the colors are great. I agree with Chris .. Batman cracked me up too when I got to that shot!

  3. Great shots Rick. I love the back story and shots of “The Dark Knight.” I’m going to be in NY at the beginning of March so I’ll let you know if I bump into him.

  4. Wonderful post, Rick! brings back fond memories and you’ve captured the atmosphere there perfectly.

    What can you say about Jon? LOL
    I enjoy the street entertainers and hey, they’ve got to make a living too.

    I think the wet streets actually help with the lighting in these shots.

    I dined in that Bubba Gump, really nice food and atmosphere. Stop in next time you get that way.

    Have a great weekend, bud!

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