Titans of Winter – Red Rocks Park

Most of the country is being hit by the grip of winter and here in Colorado we also were hit with a winter storm. I know we didn’t get hit as bad as the mid-west and the east coast so for those of you in those regions stay warm and safe. I wish you all the best.

I was able to get out early Saturday morning. The visibility in the morning wasn’t very good, but started to clear up about mid-morning as the sun started to poke through the clouds. It was about 7 degrees out when I ventured out west of Denver to see if I could capture some of the Red Rock formations in their winter glory. I’ve always wanted some images of the fountain formations covered in snow so I thought this would be a good opportunity to get out in the elements.

I had hoped to capture Red Rocks Park from Mt. Falcon park. Mt. Falcon park over looks Red Rocks Park from a few miles to the south. Red Rocks Park is known for Red Rocks Amphitheater which is a unique venue for concerts during the summer nestled between fountain formations of red sandstone. The earliest name for this area was called Garden of Angels and then renamed in the early 1900’s as the Garden of Titans before being named Red Rocks park when the Amphitheater was created. So I saw it fitting to go out and capture the Titans of Winter and found this formation fitting of the name.

Snow covered fountain formations in Red Rocks Park, Morrison, Colorado

Titans of Winter – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

These fountain formations are all over Colorado and you may know them in other famous places such as the Flatirons in Boulder, Roxborough State Park a little further south near Littleton Colorado and then near Colorado Springs in the Garden of the Gods.

I was starting to feel the doldrums of winter settling in and just need to get out in the solitude. It was just the spark I needed and got my creative juices flowing. I found that there is beauty in winter and as my creative juices started to flow, the cold of the winter didn’t seem to matter anymore.  Stay warm and stay tuned for in future posts of Red Rocks park and other fountain formations.

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  • Michael Criswell

    Nice work, I am so used to seeing sun in your shots, I can relate to the doldrums

    • RickLouiePhoto

      Thanks, Michael!

  • ljsaltiel

    Love the B&W choice Rick. The tones and ruggedness of the formation is enhanced by it.

    • RickLouiePhoto

      Thanks, Len!