Tornado Warning: Rural Disturbance

My phone was going nuts today with Tornado warnings and severe weather warnings and so I think it was just calling me to head out east and capture some of the beautiful storm activity that hit Colorado starting yesterday.  A number of tornadoes actually touched down in the  afternoon in the Denver area and at that point I knew it was time to head out.  Schools in the area locked down to protect the students and the tornado sirens started going off  in the area.

Armed with my iPhone and Storm Shield app I headed out east toward Bennett, Colorado and tracked down the storm.  I’m not a hard core storm chaser, but I do like to get just close enough to capture some of the amazing skies produced by the storms. When hail and heavy rain come I usually back off because I know tornado activity is near. You could just see the clouds swirling in the sky yesterday and there is a weird calmness to the sky when tornados are present.

I captured this image before the skies dissipated and headed further east into Kansas.  Kansas was a little further than I wanted to venture for this afternoon trip.  I know that storm activity is predicted all week in the Denver area so I’m anticipating that there will more more to come this week.

Tornado cloud activity on the Eastern Plains of Colorado near Bennett, Colorado
Rural Disturbance – Tornado Activity on the eastern plains of Colorado – Click to Enlarge/Purchase

Capture Notes:

  • ljsaltiel

    This is a killer shot Rick. We don’t get storms like this in New England.