Tree Tuesday: The Aspen Tree

Have you figured out that this week is about Aspens?  I’ll probably break up the week tomorrow with some wildlife, but today is Tree Tuesday and I have aspens to share with you today.  I’ve tried this shot before, but never found the concentration of aspen I found in these groves of aspen.  I took this off-road trail up to Crystal Mill and along the way there was an amazing amount of aspens in their fall glory. Aspens usually will grow in colonies that come from a single seed and they spread by their roots (root suckers) and so new stems will appear every 30-40 meters from the parent tree.  Each tree can live anywhere from 40-150 yrs above ground but the root system lives even longer (thousands of years).  Aspen colonies can become very large and they spread about a meter every year and can cover many acres of land.  Aspens actually benefit from fires as trees burn and roots can sprout up new again.

Since it’s Tuesday, I have two tight groves of aspen I thought I would share. These are very similar perspectives, but different results. I like them both for different reasons. Later this week I’ll show you a grove that grew farther apart and has a different look to it. Happy Tree and Twofer Tuesday, everyone!

Standing Tall - Grove of Aspens - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography -
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Surrounded - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
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