View from Paradise

Ryan Wright took me up camping a few weeks ago to his old stomping grounds where he grew up.  He showed me some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Colorado in and around Gunnison, Colorado and the San Juan Mountains. This is the view of the Paradise Divide overlooking the valley above Crested Butte and Schofield Pass.  This area is known for the best single track mountain biking trails in the world. Colorado has been dry this year and we didn’t see the wildflowers we had hoped for but it still didn’t disappoint. The wildflowers here above the valley were in full bloom and there’s nothing like fresh mountain air with the sweet smell of wildflowers.

View of the valley below Paradise Divide above Schofield Pass and Crested Butte
Wildflowers along the trail leading up to Paradise Divide while overlooking the valley above Schofield Pass and Crested Butte.
  • Beautiful composition and color Rick. I have been through Gunnison but never spent much time there. Need to revisit soon.

  • Stunning image Rick. The wildflowers make a beautiful foreground interest.

  • Beautiful scene Rick! I’m afraid the long, hot days of July have completely wiped out any hope of color around here. Glad to see it somewhere!

  • The range of colors here is just stunning Rick!

  • America, she is beautiful!

  • Wow just beautiful Rick.

  • I’ve been waiting for these!

  • Looks refreshing. Vibrant color. Are you using a polarizing filter?

    • Thanks. I used a polarizing and graduated ND filter