Volcanic Frost

Along the Blue Mesa Reservoir outside of Gunnison Colorado is the Curacanti National Recreation Area. The Curacanti Recreation area is great for boating, fishing, swimming and hiking and also forms into the canyons leading into the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park. This is area also contains two volcanos that helped form the volcanic layers in the area.

A winter storm has passed through the area and the original mission was to see the clear bubbles on the Blue Mesa Reservoir that had frozen over, but since the snow storm left about a foot of snow the original mission was squashed. The snow however made for very interesting textures along the volcanic rock rising above the reservoir along with interesting contrasts.

I felt this scene needed a cinematic look so I cropped it to a wide format style along with a compressed look from the telephoto lens. Note the small trees on top of the formations have a miniaturized feel to them that help them stand out.

Volcanic Frost
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