Wall of Fury

Last week the weather here in Colorado was to say the least, CRAZY!  The communities, especially in Southern Colorado and southern parts of Denver were hit heavily with tornados and hail. My parents live in Colorado Springs and on Wednesday they had 2 hours of hail and then on Thursday were hit again with golf ball sized hail, which took out all their peach trees, garden and their kitchen window. I know the community of Calhan faced a tornado. Check out the Gazette Telegraph’s images from the hail storm.

Thursday afternoon I decided to head out east to the communities of Byers and Dear Trail since the NOAA’s Radar was showing a storm cell moving in the area. I captured some images of the spectacular sky and clouds, but the storm moved further east and south toward Colorado Springs and I just didn’t want to go that far south.  I’ll share with you some of the images from the Byers/Deer Trail area later this week.

I then drove back into Denver, capturing some amazing sunset images from the plains and then met up with Ryan Wright in Downtown Denver for some skyline images.  It’s not often you see a storm cloud over Denver’s skyline without bad weather. Yes, I will share that image later this week as well.

Ryan had been talking to a friend who was tracking a storm cell up near Greeley and looking on the Radar map, the storm was only moving about 10 miles an hour so we decided to drive up toward Greeley. Driving up, the sky was lighting up like a laser light show.  It was spectacular!  We met up with Ryan’s friend Chris on a rural hill south of Greeley and was able to capture the storm as it moved south toward us. The rain and hail eventually caught up to us and we quickly had to seek shelter.  See Friday’s iPhoneography blog post for images and video of the hail.

One thing is for sure, storms make for some amazing dramatic images.  Standing on the rural road in the dark you would see much except for when the lightning lit up the night sky. The amazing thing about a long exposure is that it captures what the naked key cannot see. This image is a long exposure of the large wall cloud coming toward us. It’s a clear display of God’s raw power and beauty.

Lightning coming from a large wall cloud during an evening storm near Greeley, Colorado
Click to Enlarge - Wal of Fury

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