Warning Strike

This past Saturday I was out capturing some images of the Supermoon.  Storm clouds were present that evening and just as quickly as the clouds lifted to show the moon, then came back again and with a vengeance.  We had heavy winds, rain, lightning and hail in a matter of minutes and I was leaving the area just as my car was being pelted by the hail.  Luckily I was on the edge and no damage to my car. Some of the lightning strikes struck in open fields not more than 1/4 mile away.  I knew I was too close for comfort at that point.

I did manage to capture a lightning strike on the horizon before it got too close.  I call it my warning strike.

Warning Strike
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  • Great capture of lighting. I also took pictures of supermoon the other day 🙂

  • Dude, this is great. Lightning terrifies me! I find storm chasing and adverse weather photography fascinating though. Nice work – glad you came out alright 🙂

  • Great catch Rick. Nice to have a warning and I am glad no damage was done from the hail.

  • This one really has a weird vibe to it! How often do you get that orange glow of sunset and a lightning strike!

  • What a perfectly timed shot here Rick! Wow!

  • Nice catch Rick! Glad you weren’t damaged!

  • Very nice capture, Rick, great shot. Those clouds look pretty mean. 🙂

    Lightning images have continued to elude me.

  • I am fascinated by images of lightning. I’ve never got a good shot yet, this is just great