Wide Open Road

I went out to High Plains Raceway this past weekend to capture some shots of the local Porsche Club doing their final club track event of the season.  The race track is about 75 minutes east of town out on the Eastern Plains.  I got up a little early and headed out toward the track and to catch the morning light out on the Eastern Plains here in Colorado. I drove past the track about another 10 miles and found some unique textures in the landscape.  As the sun was coming up I looked back to the west toward town and noticed some amazing clouds and colors coming off of the horizon from the sunrise.  I ran out to the middle of the road and setup for the shot.  There wasn’t any traffic on this rural highway, just me, the sunrise and this great morning color!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Wide Open Road
Wide Open Road – Click to Enlarge

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