I took a little scouting trip down to the Telluride area this past weekend and logged in 880 miles!  That’s a lot of miles, but I found some amazing scenes that will be spectacular in the fall for my Colorado Fall Colors Photography Tour. The best part of this weekend was being able to spend some time with my wife and some good friends and share the are of the state I love so much. I can’t wait to share this area with the tour participants this year.

The wildflowers in the area were still in bloom this past weekend. It’s just some amazing color that mother nature produces and a perfect complement to the amazing scenery for the summer months. I found some aspen daisies growing among the grove of aspens and thought I would give my Fuji X-T1 whirl at capturing these beauties. The nice thing about the Fuji is the pull out LCD screen which allowed my camera to get low while I viewed the scene without having to get on the ground.

I didn’t bring my Canon with me this weekend and decided to bring just the Fuji with the 18-55 zoom and the 35mm f/1.4 (for misc shots around town, portraits, and food shots), a couple of ND filters and my Gitzo tripod.  It’s a nice small setup and I was able to fit it in the console of the SUV for easy access.  The 18-55 was a perfect lens, allowing me to capture some landscapes and as you can see here do some light macro work as well. It was light enough to take on hikes and only a few times did I desire something with a little more range.

I look forward to sharing some more from Telluride over the upcoming weeks. They are some beautiful scenes and a nice tease for my tour guests!

Have a great weekend!

Aspen Daisies, Telluride, flowers, wildflowers, aspens, Mt. Wilson, Colorado
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Capture Notes:

  • ljsaltiel

    Consider me teased Rick. Great shot. It will be interesting as I will be leaving my Nikon behind and shooting with the Fuji and Sony.