Wildlife Friday

It’s Friday and today I’m making this a Wildlife Friday!  This Wildlife Friday is from Grand Teton National Park.  If you missed my blog post from yesterday, I was at Willow Flats where Bear #610 was out doing some training with her cubs.  Bear #610 was out showing her cubs how to run down elk so that someday they would know how to capture elk for themselves.  This evening she wasn’t really after the kill, she was just chasing the elk around Willow Flats showing the cubs the proper technique. This photo I captured shows this one particular elk being very cautious and making sure the grizzly bear was a safe distance away.  It was amazing to see all the elk in Willow Flats move and flow away from the grizzlies as they ran through the meadows.

I know the people in the US have a long holiday weekend, Labor Day!  Get out an enjoy the weekend.  I plan on taking in some of the Colorado Springs Balloon Classic this weekend along with celebrating my Dad’s birthday.  I’m also getting ready to head to Banff next week.  I’ll try to get out some content for my blog but no promises.  I know the next couple of weeks will be hectic so I apologize now for any missed blog posts.  Have a great weekend!

A Save Distance - ©Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
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