Wildlife Friday

It’s a Wildlife Friday!  This Wildlife Friday comes from Mt. Evans, Colorado.  On the drive up to the summit this fabulous herd of mountain goats appeared coming around the corner.  They were really close to the road.  I knew as soon as I got out of the car they were going to head up the side of the mountain to get away.  If you follow some of my other streams I gave you a sneak peek of the mountain goats on video this past weekend.  These fabulous creatures hang out on rocky cliffs where predators can’t reach them.

If you look at these mountain goats, they still haven’t shed their winter coat.  It’s starting to get really chilly up in the higher altitudes, in fact that evening there was a little snow fall while I was on top of the mountain.  The park rangers were talking about closing the upper part of the road this week.

I’m currently in Banff enjoying the great scenery.  Follow me on some of my other streams for the latest news feeds from Banff.  I hope you have enjoyed this trip up to Mt. Evans.  I have one or two more photos I’ll most likely share with you next week while I’m away in Canada.

Have a great weekend!

Mt. Evans Mountain Goats - ©2011 Rick Louie Photography - All Rights Reserved.
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6 thoughts on “Wildlife Friday

  1. Wow, that is a lot of goats, and I think one is almost challenging you to a duel. I could be wrong, but the look in his eyes. Good stuff man. Have fun in Canada, and tell Heath I said hello!

  2. What a great shot, Rick. The goat in the foreground looks like a strong leader and has a look of “what do YOU want?” on it’s face. 🙂

    Nice work. Safe travels, bud.

  3. Great shot Rick. The goat in the foreground looks like he’s posing for you and the 2 directly behind him look like they’re wondering why you didn’t ask them to be in the picture.

  4. I almost thought these guys were up at Banff and I somehow missed them! Haha. Great shooting with you. At SFO waiting for my flight back out. Tired!

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