Winter at Nymph Lake

Here’s another image from my snowshoeing outing last week.  This is Nymph Lake along the Bear Lake Trail system.  It’s on the way to Dream Lake and Emerald Lake. In the summer months this lake is filled with lily pads as far as the eye can see and a gorgeous sight along the trail toward Hallet Peak. In the winter, though it is frozen over and covered with snow as you see in this image.  Hallet peak off to right of center is still prominent even in the winter months. There was a nice cloud system forming over the mountain peak which developed into snow later in the afternoon. It is still a wonderful site even in the winter. I’ll have to get up there this summer and share an image of the lily pads this summer.

Winter at Nymph Lake | Rick Louie Photography
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Capture Notes:

  • ljsaltiel

    I was going to say great winter scene but of course it is spring. We just had a dusting of snow. Thank God it was only a dusting. Terrific image Rick.