Cinestill 800T Film images of the Berkley Neighborhood in Denver, Colorado

My wife and I met some friends in the Berkley neighborhood in Denver, Colorado a few weeks back so I thought I'd bring along my film camera. It's a Minolta X-700 and I decided to put on the 35mm f/2.8 lens and capture a few images of the neighborhood, especially after the lights went on. I had a roll of Cinestill 800Tungsten film and I was curious what it would do with the bright lights and in particular the red lights. This film stock is a tungsten balanced color stock film made from the same film stock that cinematographers use, designed for low light situations.

I decided to crop most of the images from this set in a cinematic ratio of 2.39:1 to give it a cinematic feel to this set.  I had a variable ND filter (2-6 stop) since I knew I was going to be shooting some of the images in the daylight. You'll notice that the film stock didn't fair very well when bright skies were involved, but I did notice that I really enjoyed the pictures taken in the shady areas especially with the green foliage. It left a very pleasent color palette for those areas.

The film struggled when there was minimal light and a lot of black/dark areas, but when there was brightly lit scenes with tungsten lamps it really shined. If you look at the images, the red really shines with this film stock and I dig the red flare coming from the tungsten lights. 

This is a little different from my other adventures. Just something different to get my creative juices flowing. I quite enjoyed this film. I have some ideas floating around in my head how I might be able to incorporate this film stock on one of my overloading adventures.  Enjoy!