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Using Ilford Delta 3200 Film in Snowy Conditions

I had a role of Ilford Delta 3200 sitting in the freezer and unfortunately I didn’t have any other black and white film for a trip up into Rocky Mountain National Park and during a snow storm. I decided to go for it. Since Ilford Delta 3200 is actually a ISO 1000 film, I decided to shoot this role at 1250, but still process the role at 3200. I had a 6 stop variable ND filter with me to help cut down some of the light in the bright scenes and so I could try to do some shallow depth of field work as well.

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365 Day Black and White Challenge - Day 73

Day 73- 365 Day B&W Photo Challenge - My Toyo AT/2s served me well with over 60K miles on them, but they were never really good in the snow. Since they were down the wear bars I figured I’d try these BF Goodrich All Terrain AT K02’s a try. Everyone seems to rave about them so I thought I’d see if they lived up to their hype. These are snow rated so hopefully they are good in the snow, especially with the storm coming on Wednesday. These don’t have a mileage warranty so I doubt they will last as long as my Toyo’s, but we’ll find out. - Google Pixel 3, VSCO B5 Film Simulation

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365 Day Black and White Challenge - Day 66

Day 66- 365 Day B&W Photo Challenge - I've been cleaning out my desk drawers and had this box full of miscellaneous items. Zombie, my daughter's cat seems to think it's a great place to curl up and take a nap. I used my Godox AD200 flash with 2 Magmod grids and shot with TTL at -3.0 to highlight just the front over his face and paws. - Fuji XT35 XF 35mm f/2, Acros R Film Simulation

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