Hi, my name is Rick Louie

I'm a wedding & portrait photographer based in Centennial, Colorado.

I’ve had a camera in my hand since high school, always wanting to capture those special moments in life. Beauty is everywhere and it’s waiting to be captured. It’s all about making beautiful pictures. Beautiful pictures are all about emotion. The love, the laughter, the sadness, and joy are what make pictures beautiful memories. I like finding that special location for us to create a beautiful portrait. Those are what make memories! The ultimate goal for me, as a photographer, is to document and create stunning images that will last a lifetime. I love meeting new people. I love traveling to places I've never been to before. I love life and every opportunity to capture it through my lens.

Fun facts: I was born and raised in Colorado. I love being outdoors, camping, off-road adventures, hiking, exploring new places, new healthy food and making a good cup of coffee. You will find some of my personal work in the Fine Art Store

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