Hell's Hole Trail - Capturing Landscapes with the Fuji X100F

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. I did some catchup around the house but my wife and I managed to get out and do a little hike this weekend. We had originally intended to take a drive up to Mt. Evans, since the road opens on the Memorial Day weekend, but we got a late start and by the time we reached Echo Lake there was a line of cars leading up to the pay booth to head up the road. Time to make new plans.

We then turned around and headed back down the mountain and headed toward Silver Plume, a small town I had always wanted to stop in because I've always seen the old victorian houses from Interstate 70. As we were heading down the mountain, I notice a sign for Chicago Lakes campground and since we are always on the look out for new campgrounds, I turned off and headed toward the campground to check it out.  it was a little too crowded for our liking, but we continued down to the end of the road and ended up in the West Chicago Creek area and the Hell's Hole Trailhead.  There was a few spots still open in the lot so we decided to check it out.

We didn't intend to do a long hike that day, but tied a light jacked around our waste and headed out. I just had my Fuji X100F with me that day, which was perfect to head up the trail and capture some of the nature along the trail. I love the X100F since it's small and compact, has a great sensor and the 35mm equivalent focal length is great for allowing you to capture things close up as well as broad landscapes. The built in ND filter also allows you capturing things wide open in bright sunlight. I just seem to be more creative with the X100F, not worrying about what lens I'm going to use and just allowing myself to be creative.

Everything was blooming, from the green leaves on the aspen trees to the wildflowers starting to sprout along the ground. The trail wasn't too crowded, but since we didn't have much time we thought we would just head out a couple of miles and then turn around and come back. The weather was perfect and just gave us a chance to reconnect with nature and enjoy creek flowing nearby and the trees swaying in the light breeze. We get caught up sitting at a desk all week and being surrounded by technology, it's just nice to disconnect and get away.

Here's some images from the trail taken with the Fuji X100F.  Enjoy.