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Moab, Utah 2017, Part 2 - Onion Creek, Fisher Towers, Dome Plateau

Ok back to the afternoon of the first day. We headed off to the Dome Plateau Trail just on the west side of the Dewey Bridge. It was a 30-mile trail, but as we got started it was clearly evident that the trail was more technical than I had anticipated and trying to traverse the 30 miles with what remained in the afternoon was not going to be feasible.

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Holiday Swing

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful 2017 and are ready to kick off 2018.

This image is of a festive lighted tire swing on a farm near the turnoff to Jack's Cabin.  The lights of the swing lit up the tree and and accented the frost from the light snow that was falling that evening. One of the unique and wonderful scenes near Crested Butte.

I had forgotten how beautiful Crested Butte was and may have to incorporate it as part of my fall tour this year. It's just a wonderful mountain town with great scenery surrounding the area.

Have a wonderful 2018!

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